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  • How to Meditate in God's Word - MP3


    Format - mp3

    Every person has the capacity for creative change. Developing a biblical mindset is the master key to the God kind of life. When God’s Word becomes the mental filter of information, it will reduce the negative and create more positive results.

    Thoughts are powerful. The way we think releases spiritual and physical forces that will either become the barriers to divine destiny or the building blocks of God’s plans. You can see your future change to become all God has desired for you.

    In this 3-part series, you will discover:

    *How to develop “Throne-Room Thinking”

    *What it means to meditate biblically

    *How to create a mental habit of filtering everything through God’s Word

    *How to keep you heart and your head in alignment for spiritual power

    *Freedom from toxic memories and replacing them with God’s peace

    *Focusing on God’s promises rather than problems releases real power

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